There has been a new development in the cases filed for Apple. Terrell Parker, who lives in the state of Missouri in the USA, is on the way to become the richest person in the world. What is the reason for this lawsuit to be filed?

Lawsuits filed for Apple continue to be raised

Parker, who is said to have $ 1 trillion in case of winning this case, filed a lawsuit for a theft in 2018. The plaintiff made a statement about this issue: “The person working in the Apple Store has fixed my device, but he kept it from me because he knew that my phone was the first phone with new features.”

Parker stated that his phone can skip some of the display settings and has a different FaceTime interface than anyone else. The plaintiff, who met with the US District Court, added the following words to his statement: “My phone was replaced with an old iPhone model. In this model, I had to reset passwords and download apps again. ”

In addition, Terrell Parker, who stated that the person performing the repairs described himself as “crazy”, doubted himself with some rhetoric. Some sources say that Parker has installed an iOS version that is not yet public and thinks that Apple employee has deleted it.

Parker previously put Apple on court. The US user, who came to the agenda by asking Apple $ 2 trillion in 2019, talked about the compensation claims for iPhone 7 and iOS 12, each corresponding to $ 1 trillion.


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