Confronting Google and the USA, the Huawei brand will offer HarmonyOS updates to 100 million smartphones this year.


Huawei brand, one of the bleeding names of the smartphone world, continues to come to the fore with electric vehicles. The smartphone brand, which is expected to launch its electric vehicles at the end of the year, continues to excite its users with brand new news. The company, which cannot melt the ice with the USA, also publishes various updates for smartphone models. The company, which has been bleeding seriously since Google’s withdrawal of Android support, made an announcement in recent months and mentioned that it will never sell the smartphone side. The company, which appeals to millions of people around the world, is now on the agenda with the HarmonyOS update.

The company, which has been trying to keep its users up to date by bringing various updates to its smartphone models for a long time, is planning updates for many phone models this year. The famous brand, which is among the companies that we closely follow, will pass the year 2021 to the fullest.

Huawei Will Bring HarmonyOS Update To 100 Million Phones This Year

Speaking at the Huawei Global Analyst Conference held on April 12, vice president Eric Xu talked about the strategy they will implement in the upcoming period. Eric Xu mentioned that the company is working on a new scenario to provide a new user experience and make consumer life easier, and that the company’s capabilities will continue to be developed. Accordingly, the company will bring HarmonyOS updates to 100 million smartphones in 2021.


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