The power war in Bitmain mining giant Bitmain, which has been on the agenda recently, has become more and more severe.

According to the announcement made today by the Antminer sales team; About 10,000 Antminer machines in one of the largest mining farms in the Inner Mongolia region of Bitmain were illegally transferred to another location by the company’s former employees.

In the statement made by the company, it was stated that the situation was reported to the police forces, and unidentified people or companies were definitely asked not to buy Antminer machines. According to local news outlets, according to 8BTC, there is no information about where the machines are moved.

Among the stolen Antminer machines are the S17 Pro / S17 / T17 / S15 / T15 / S9 from the Hydro series. It is also stated that prototypes and small mining equipment used in some in-house tests were taken by former employees.

CEO wars are taking place

The problems in Bitmain started last year when CEO Jihan Wu fired co-founder Micree Zhan in October last year. Later, Zhan raided the company with the bodyguards he held.

Last week, on Friday, in an in-house letter, Jihan Wu announced that the Zhan side had placed more than 10 thousand mining machines in a place where no one knew and suspected that they had been resold.

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10 thousand machines about $ 10 million

About 70-80 million yuan (about $ 10 million) income can be obtained from 10 thousand machines to be sold as second hand. Considering that the company is currently under the control of Jihan Wu, it is stated that this amount is necessary for Zhan who wants to regain strength.

The power in the peeled farm is already in Zhan

However, the farm where 10,000 mining machines are stolen is completely Fujian Chuangke Tech. Co. company. This company is also a subsidiary of Beijing Bitmain Technology company. Zhan is the legal person who has full power in this company.

The answer came from Zhan: Wu who did this!

The answer to Wu’s statement came from Zhan, as expected. In a statement from Bitmain’s Weibo account, Zhan said that it was Wu who illegally swapped the machines owned by the company under his control, and that he regained 6 thousand 100 machines as a legal person.

The stolen incident of 10 thousand machines hit the image of Bitmain. It is also known that the majority of these machines are rented for cloud mining.

Bitmain had a major delay in delivery of mining machinery in June as well.


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