If your field of play is the computer and you want to change (or combine) the keyboard and mouse for the ergonomics, comfort and performance of a controller, in this guide for buying controls to play on PC we analyze how the perfect gaming controller should be and we offer you nine interesting models for all budgets.

How to choose a controller to play on PC

The choice when choosing a controller to play on PC is not very different regarding specifications compared to consoles: it all starts with being compatible. From here, the questions begin.

What do you play

The layout of buttons, sticks, and triggers plays a big role in our gaming performance based on the genres we play.

Although the choice of one or the other will not prevent you from playing any title, the layout or layout obeys two currents: if we play titles like ‘Grand Theft Auto’, ‘Overwatch’, ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Counter Strike ‘or the mythical’ Doom ‘, for first-person shots, the fps-type controls are committed to distributing the two analog sticks diagonally, with the left lever located above. The other option is to place the two analog sticks on the bottom of the remote, at the same height.

We see it with what are probably the two most iconic controls on the market: the Sony Dualshock and the Xbox controller. In addition to being the most popular, the main difference between them is the location of the levers and the D-pad.

Thus, while the Dualshock’s directional pad design is highly responsive and comfortable for scrolling or fighting games, its larger, more ergonomic triggers on Xbox controllers are highly recommended for shooters. It is not only that they are the most popular controls, it is that other manufacturers follow those forms and distributions.

Although for tastes, colors, there is a certain consensus that the distribution of Microsoft is the most appropriate, and that is that we generally like that what you use to move the character is at the same height as the action buttons. And that distribution with the use of the buttons of the Microsoft controls have become almost a standard that they have adopted on Steam or Epic

Beyond this essential base in layouts, in the high-end we find models that are committed to offering a more personalized and immersive experience through additional functions and configuration. For example the Razer Wolverine Ultimate includes six additional configurable buttons, RGB lighting and a control panel

Another aspect to consider is that the game controller on PC has haptic / vibration response, a highly appreciated sensory feedback among gamers and that the most basic controllers usually lack.

How does it feel

This command that we will have hours and hours in our hands must be comfortable in several ways: in the distribution and shape of the buttons, the sensitivity and its dimensions. Or what is the same, how it feels in the hand. Here it is not only a matter of the size of our limbs, but also of sensations and preferences.

Thus, a control that is too large can prevent us from reaching the buttons comfortably, which affects competitiveness. And a small one can feel like a toy.

A forceful command can be heavy and we can even tire our arms after intensive use, although there are also people who opt for models that feel resounding in hand. In the market it will be common to find models that range between 200 and 300 grams, but it is best to have tried them before making the purchase.

Apart from sizes and weights, other determining factors for ergonomics are the shape and how is its grip. In this sense it is important that it allows a firm but comfortable hold with textured and / or non-slip parts, that the posture of our hands allows the passage of air to promote perspiration and that we can easily access buttons, sticks and triggers.

Only for the computer or multiplatform?

If you only play on the computer, the decision is simple, but if you do not only and exclusively play on the PC, but also have a console, it may be interesting to bet on a model that allows you to play on both devices.

With or without cable?

The bulk of high-end controls have wireless connectivity options via Bluetooth, but if we bet on more affordable models, we will probably find a cable that we will have to connect to our computer.

The choice, according to the consumer’s taste: while wireless are more comfortable and allow us greater freedom of movement, we are exposed to having a connectivity problem from time to time and, of course, having to replace the battery or recharge the battery.

Featured Models

  1. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  2. Astro C40 TR
  3. Razer Wolverine Ultimate
  4. Sony DualShock 4
  5. Xbox Wireless Controller
  6. Steam controller
  7. SteelSeries Stratus Duo
  8. Hori Onyx Plus
  9. PowerA Spectra
  10. Thrustmaster GP XID PRO
  11. Logitech F310


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