We previously shared that Intel will include Comet Lake processors again in the 11th generation. Chips began to reach retailers. The new box design is on its way.

Intel will include 2 different architectures in its 11th generation processor family. Core i3 and below Skylake architecture Comet Lake processors will appear with an increase in frequency, while the new architecture will be switched to Core i5 and above.

New box design has been made
Having reached a store in Malaysia, the Core i3-10105 comes with a 100 MHz increase in base frequency compared to the Core i5-10100. The chip, whose peak frequency is not yet known, appears to be presented with the new Core i3 logo and a simple box design.

On the other hand, Intel will continue to include the integrated graphics unit, which has been developed with minor updates for years, in the Core i3 and six processor classes with Skylake architecture.

Although 14 nm +++ node is preferred for Core i5 and above solutions, current Cypress Cove cores will come with an Xe architecture iGPU.


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