The 11th generation Core processor family, which Intel will switch to the new architecture, will apparently consist of processors rising on a different architecture. The company’s preference may confuse users.

Mavi team will switch to the new architecture with the 11th generation processor family after many years. A strategy contrary to the expectations of the users may be underway.

Different architectures to different processor classes
According to the details shared, Intel will include Cypress Cove cores adapted by Willow Cove to 14 nm +++ for Core i9, Core i7 and Core i5 solutions in its 11th generation Core processor family.

As an additional note, core configurations in other Core classes have been a matter of curiosity due to the news that there will be 8 cores at the top with Rocket Lake.

Avatar 8/16 Core i9-11900K can reach 5.3 GHz
Core i9 and Core i7 models with the same core / thread
According to the table, Rocket Lake Core i9 / i7 options come with the same core / track configuration as well as the same amount of L3 cache. We will have to wait for detailed information.

Although everything is as expected by hardware lovers, the company will apparently continue to prefer Sky Lake architecture by naming the Core i3 and its more affordable models as Comet Lake Refresh. These solutions will only implement frequency improvement compared to their predecessors in Comet Lake.

iGPU will not be updated either
In addition to the differentiation in the architectural wing of the chips, Rocket Lake processors will be accompanied by Xe architecture iGPUs with 24 EU units in the Core i5-11400 series and 32 EU units in the others. In Core i3 and more affordable processors, UHD 630 or UHD610 is positioned depending on the model.

Finally, a Twitter user has uncovered an interesting detail. According to the base / boost frequency values ​​of the Core i7-11700 and Core i5-11400 models, there is a decrease in base / boost frequencies from 100 MHz to 400 MHz in 2 Rocket Lake processors compared to their predecessors.

Thanks to Cypress Cove’s two-digit IPC increase, the performance will eventually be improved, but hopefully the chips are an early example of engineering.


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