As new platforms approach, memory manufacturers continue to prepare. The high capacity and frequency DDR5 type memories announced by Asgard excite with their features.

As AMD and Intel continue to develop the latest DDR4 platforms, memory manufacturers are trying to complete their preparations for the next generation chips.

4800 MHZ DDR5 RAM announced
Chinese memory manufacturer Asgard, whose name is not well known in the hardware world, took its place on the agenda with the memory kits it announced. Introduced from DDR5 type memories, the kit needs 1.1v voltage while operating at 4800 MHz. As you may remember, the voltage value in DDR4 was determined as 1.2v.

The kit, which works in the timings of 40-40-40, attracts a lot of attention with its 128 GB capacity. However, Asgard also stated that it will offer kits of 64 and 32 GB. Finally, the new DDR5 kits will be compatible with Intel’s Alder Lake platform and AMD’s DDR5 supported processors.


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