With the Celeron D 347, which debuted in 2006 and has a LGA775 socket structure, huge frequency speeds of 8.37 GHz were achieved.

Based on Intel’s Netburst microarchitecture, manufactured with 65nm process technology, Celeron D 300 series processors, code named Cedar Mill, were introduced in 2006. The Celeron D 347 CPU of this series has surpassed the 8.0 GHz barrier with the trials made this week.

We know that AMD’s FX series processors based on the Bulldozer micro-architecture are known for their overclocking capabilities. This time we have the Celeron D 347 with 85W TDP and 3.06 GHz base clock.

The Chinese overclocking enthusiast used the ASUS P5E64 Professional motherboard based on the Intel X38 chipset, along with the old Celeron processor. However, liquid nitrogen, which has now become conventional, was used in the overclocking process. As a result of the experiments, frequency speeds of 8362 MHz were observed.

A truly tremendous result for a chip that debuted in 2006 and is based on 65nm production. In addition, it should be noted that at the top is the AMD’s FX-8370 CPU cooled with liquid nitrogen. Stilt broke this record with a frequency speed of 8722 MHz in 2014.


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