Sony’s new console PlayStation 5 is still in stock, and according to the latest report, black marketers are making a lot of money from PlayStation 5.

The new generation consoles have debuted in the past months, but it is very difficult to access the consoles of both companies due to stock shortages. But obviously the PlayStation 5 is a bit more difficult to reach. Especially black marketers make things very difficult.

The black market groups, which have been revealed to have ordered thousands of orders many times before, are usurping the rights of normal citizens. PlayStation 5s purchased by black traders are sold at a much higher price on the internet. The latest report published is about PlayStation 5 sales in America.

According to the latest report, approximately 15% of PlayStation 5s sold in America alone are being resold. Of course, there are normal citizens who buy and resell the console, but the vast majority belong to black market makers.

When we look at the rest of the report, we see that the average price of the resold PlayStation 5 is $ 849. The official price of PlayStation 5 is $ 499. So it is sold at about twice the price. When a general calculation is made, it is seen that black traders have made a profit of approximately 43 million dollars from PlayStation 5 sales.


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