While the hardware world awaits the Rocket Lake family, Intel continues to prepare for the next generation. The chip with an unusual core / thread configuration appeared in the test.

Intel will abandon the 14 nm process with Alder Lake, which it will use for the last time with Rocket Lake. A chip belonging to the 12th generation, which the company will switch to the new format, has surfaced.

16/24 Alder Lake processor
The Alder Lake processor, which appeared in Geekbench, initially attracts attention with its 16 cores and 24 threads. While the chip’s small cores do not support HT, it is thought that this configuration was formed as a result of the high performance / power consumption cores offering virtual thread support.

According to estimates, the processor with 8 small 8 large cores is estimated to have a base frequency of 1.38 GHz, reported by the test software, and a peak frequency of 17.6 GHz may be due to the hardware-software compatibility not yet achieved. In one possibility, the sum of the frequencies of high performance cores could be 17.6 GHz.

While the processor is reported to have a huge L3 cache of 30 MB in total, it is seen that it is supported with 1.25 MB of L2 cache per core.

The scores are quite low as the processor is an example of early engineering. To compare, the chip is 80% behind the Core i7-11700K, which is not yet available for sale in a single core.


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