Mavi team is completing the final preparations for the Rocket Lake processors, which it has just become official, while working on new generation solutions.

The eyes of the hardware world are on Rocket Lake processors these days. However, those who think ahead of the DDR4 standard are waiting for the next generation platforms.

The entry falling into SiSoft Sandra’s database is thought to be from the Alder Lake processor. The 16-core 32-thread chip is supported by a total of 12.5 MB L2 cache consisting of 10 partitions and 30 MB L3 cache.

Considering that Intel will switch to a hybrid structure similar to ARM big.LITTLE with Alder Lake, it can be said that the processor is designed in a configuration such as 8 + 8. The iGPU, which accompanies the chip with a reported operating range of 1.8-4.0 GHz, operates at 1.5 GHz.

New standards and of course the socket is on the way
The more striking detail than the iGPU, which is expected to be Intel Xe gen 12.2, was the type of RAM used in the system. The system working with DDR5 RAMs is considered as a sign that Intel will switch to the next generation memory standard in this respect.

Finally, let’s state that Alder Lake processors, which we shared in recent months, can come in a rectangular format, will be used in the LGA 1700 socket.


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