visual image was published in Turkey is expected to sell Meizu 17. The launch of the smartphone has been delayed many times before. But what about the Meizu 17 features?

Meizu 17 released its official visuals before its launch, which returned to the snake story. We have gathered all the details about the phone, which has had few features so far.

Meizu 17 features
The flagship, which was planned to be introduced in December and whose launch was delayed continuously, was planned to be introduced yesterday on April 22.

The Chinese company, which was also affected by the pandemic, officially shared the images of the phone before the launch on May 8th.

In the image that emphasizes the launch date, it is not possible for Meizu to postpone the launch date this time for the first time.

Judging by the image, the front camera of the phone, which uses notch-free screen technology, is placed in the hole on the right side of the screen. The fingerprint highlight in the image is the sign that the phone will carry a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen.

The Meuizu 17 screen is thought to be OLED with 6.5 inches and Full HD + resolution and a 90Hz screen refresh rate. Although Meizu 17 features are not fully revealed, they are expected to come with powerful hardware features.

The phone, which will come with Snapdragon 865, which is used in all Flagship devices this year, will also have 5G support with Snapdragon X55 modem.

Two separate RAM options, 8GB and 12GB, are expected for Meizu 17. The storage of the phone will probably come up with two different options, 128GB and 256GB.

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Meizu 17 camera setup and design
If we look at the details shared in the image, the horizontal rear quad rear camera setup welcomes us. It is noteworthy that a ring-shaped flash is used in the middle of this camera setup, which is expected to be one of them.

As for the camera installation, although the details are not clear, it is expected to come with a main camera with a resolution of 48 or 64 Megapixels. The other three cameras are thought to be 8, 5 and 2 Megapixels.

It is among the expectations that the phone will offer 65W fast charging support and a battery with 4500 mAh power.

As for phone design, it has the details used by Chinese phone manufacturers, which we have seen a lot in recent years. A smooth, thin-framed display design stands out in Meizu 17.

Although the price detail of the phone has not been fully revealed, the claims that we will encounter with a price like 560 dollars are circulating in backstage. Turkey also sold in the smart phone is expected to be concluded that with appropriate price for a flagship.



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