This is the $ 18.5 million beach house that Rihanna wants to buy in the Hamptons. The Barbadian interpreter was planning to pay $ 800,000 for the summer season before buying the exclusive oceanfront mansion.

The Barbadian interpreter Rihanna , 32, is looking for a house to invest in this summer, being the one located at number 719 Daniels Lane, in Saganopack, in The Hamptons , which has the advantage to become her new home.

According to the New York Post, the Caribbean woman does not want to rush into the purchase of her new house, so she first seeks to rent the property for a season and then she would sit down to negotiate with the owners for their purchase.

Despite her plan, it did not work for the Hamptons house, since another tycoon got ahead of her, having paid the $ 800,000 that the owners asked for for the summer season.

Although she will not be able to live in the mansion during the summer, Rihanna does not rule out spending the $ 18.5 million dollars that they ask for the exclusive house located in front of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • The mansion, with an extension of 4,300 square feet , belongs to Anthony and Melissa Blumberg , who since 2014 put the house on the market.

The smart house, right on the beach, has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a heated oceanfront pool and a spa.


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