Would you like to meet the most expensive iPad Pro and iPhone 12 models in the world? Imagine you have a Ferrari. What will you use?


Let’s imagine for a moment. You have a lot of money. You bought yourself a Ferrari, then you bought a villa with a pool. Your clothes are cooked from the most expensive place, at home, dishes with truffles are cooked. You do not call money money. So which phone or tablet would you buy? At this point the poor inside us comes out and might say the iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB. On the tablet side, you may want to buy an iPad Pro. So will this be the same as other ordinary people?

Here we are with another of the special products made for such people. Caviar designed very special versions of iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPad Pro. We come across with two different designs. One of them is a diamond and the other is a plain model. On the back of the phones and tablets, there are words spoken by Tim Cook and Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs’ statement, “Show the courage to follow your heart and intuition,” is a very pleasant detail. In the iPad Pro model with the most expensive diamonds, 24 carat gold and 81 3mm sparkling diamonds are used in the apple tree apples on the back. It was announced that the price of this product was 184 thousand dollars. What does the product look like?

If this product is expensive, we can offer different things. Diamond iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with 9 diamonds with a diameter of 3mm. The suggested retail price for this smartphone is $ 8,910. The iPhone 12 Pro Golden Apple version is a diamond-free model and is available for $ 6,080.

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Are there any buyers of these? We are sure you asked. Here are those who live the lives in the first paragraph of the article, dear friends …


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