In a new study, it was examined whether the rules required for social distance were working and how these rules should be applied. The results of the research revealed new information about the coronavirus process.

Although the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, which teaches us all the new concepts after being seen in Wuhan, China at the end of last year, the measures taken are not yet terminated. One of the concepts we learned is the concept of social distance. While experts are researching coronavirus, this concept has not been overlooked and many studies have been done on the importance of social distance. One of these studies belongs to the American Physics Institute.

According to a new study conducted at the American Institute of Physics, it turned out that the measure of about two meters, which is one of the measures taken against coronavirus, is not safe. The researchers explained that, even in the windy weather conditions, the spit could displace approximately 5 meters in five seconds. Although it has not been clearly explained where and how it is transmitted, it has become clear that the two-meter distance is not as safe as expected for the virus, which is estimated to be transmitted through saliva.

The particles move freely in the air:
Experts’ points of research have been a desire to understand how particles emanating from their mouths displace in the air when a person coughs. Dimitris Drikakis, one of the authors of the study, said: “Droplets can affect both adults and children of different sizes. Shorter people may be at higher risk if they are in the part where these droplets travel. ” The experts, who stated that many factors such as humidity and temperature can affect the movement of the particles in the air, created a simulation that examines the cough droplets of a coughing person.

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Thanks to the modeling created by the researchers, processes such as moisture, dispersion force, saliva molecules, air interactions and evaporation were exposed. Experts stated that more studies are needed to determine the motion of the spit dispersed in the air, and they will also examine the air conditioners used in the interior.


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