An interesting development took place in Malaysia. The police raided the points determined this week. 1,746 bitcoin mining devices at 21 facilities were seized in the raids.



Bitcoin mining theft

Authorities in the Malaysian state of Johor arrested seven people they accused of stealing millions of dollars’ worth of electricity to mine bitcoin earlier this week.

According to a report published by Malay Mail on Wednesday, an operation involving local electricity company Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and Johor police led to the arrest of suspects aged 24-64.

The investigation indicated that the gang has damaged TNB more than $ 2 million since it started mining operations in 2020.

Police seized 1,746 Bitcoin mining devices worth $ 64,000 at 21 facilities.

He added that the police had expanded the operation and were trying to find the brains of the group and other members still on the run.


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