Avast reports a new batch of ‘contaminated’ applications on the Google Play Store. 47 apps no less.

Although hacking is everywhere and in all operating systems, in Android it is that we do not win for scares. Only 10 days ago, we told you about 38 applications that had sneaked into the Google Play Store loaded with ‘Ad fraud’ and that you had to delete from the mobile if you had them installed. And today the same: because Avast has reported 47 apps with ‘Hiddenads’ in the official Android store.

‘HiddenAds’ adware

Adware is a type of malicious software that bombards the user with a huge number of ads inside and outside an application. Adware applications are often difficult to recognize, as they often disguise themselves as entertainment apps such as games. The way to identify it is by the criticism of these applications, which are usually extremely negative, citing excessive ads or the low functionality of the alleged characteristics of the application.

Avast, an expert company in Cybersecurity products and solutions, has discovered and reported to Google 47 games and utilities applications that were loaded with the HiddenAds adware, of which 17 of those apps are still available in the Play Store right now, but Google’s investigations of the applications are ongoing. HiddenAds is a Trojan that disguises itself as a safe and useful application, but instead fills your phone with intrusive ads outside the application.

20 Android apps you should delete

Together, the applications have been downloaded more than 15 million times. Avast researchers were able to make this initial discovery using’s automatic detection software, based on a previous HiddenAds campaign that was recently found on the Google Play Store. Thanks to this analysis, Avast was able to find the campaign by comparing its similar activities, characteristics and network traffic.

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Applications have the ability to hide their icon on an infected device and display intrusive ads across the device, which is a key feature of the HiddenAds family. 7 of the applications can open the phone browser to display additional ads. Even once the user removes the app from their device, the ads will be shown continuously. Apps have a low rating in which users complain about incessant ads and low functionality of game features.

This is the list of 20 of those apps, among some that no longer appear in the Play Store and others that do:

  • Draw Color by Number, 1 million downloads
  • Skate Board – New, 1 million downloads
  • Find Hidden Differences, 1 million downloads
  • Shoot Master, 1 million downloads
  • Stacking Guys, 1 million downloads
  • Disc Go !, 1 million downloads
  • Spot Hidden Differences, 500,000 downloads
  • Dancing Run – Color Ball Run, 500,000 downloads
  • Find 5 Differences, 500,000 downloads
  • Joy Woodworker, 500,000 downloads
  • Throw Master, 500,000 downloads
  • Throw into Space, 500,000 downloads
  • Divide it – Cut & Slice Game, 500,000 downloads
  • Tony Shoot – NEW, 500,000 downloads
  • Assassin Legend, 500,000 downloads
  • Flip King, 500,000 downloads
  • Save Your Boy, 500,000 downloads
  • Assassin Hunter 2020, 500,000 downloads
  • Stealing Run, 500,000 downloads
  • Fly Skater 2020, 500,000 downloads


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