After the BMW Concept 4, which was introduced at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the German car giant appeared with a much more impressive vehicle this time. With an unusual design, the BMW Concept i4 pushes the limits of the electric vehicle.

2020 BMW Concept i4 comes with an extraordinary design!
To start with the background, the Concept i4 was developed to create the foundations for the fully electric, coupe-like sedan vehicle i4, which BMW will put on sale in 2022 at the latest. In other words, since this concept is a vehicle, the vehicle, which will be introduced in two years, will have only some of the features we see here.

The vehicle, which can go from 0 to 100 km in 4 seconds and has a range of 600 km, has a 530 horsepower electric motor. Of course, the engine is not everything, but the German car giant, who wants to offer the best user experience, has worked with Designworks, which has signed great projects from the Rolls-Royce Phantom to the interiors of private jets. Thus, it should be noted that while the vehicle has a very special appearance, it operates under the umbrella of BMW in this company.

The interior is quite impressive with its minimalist and airy structure, but it is not expected to be so in the vehicle, which will be mass produced. The massive curved digital display and multimedia display provide all the information the driver needs.

There is a touchpad on the center console of the vehicle, where the number of keys is reduced to a minimum. We have been seeing this for a long time in BMW’s vehicles. As you can imagine, there is no detail like a gear stick. Switching between driving modes and gears is done with the keys next to this surface.

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The huge grille at the front of the vehicle, which is stated to be three different driving modes: Core, Sport and Efficient, confuses the heads in the first place. Unlike standard vehicles, this grill is not used to cool the engine because there is no need.

Calling this grid as a smart surface, the automobile giant has installed the equipment needed for autonomous driving and safety technologies, from lidar sensors to numerous other radars.


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