Competition among Chinese smartphone brands is not stopping. This competition left the first quarter of 2020 behind. So which brand has the highest market share among Chinese smart phone models that do not fall off the agenda?

The race between Chinese smartphone brands is very tough
China, which makes a name for itself with its processors and cameras, does very well in communication. The latest data released through Trustdata registered the first place of an unexpected name by some users.

According to the related report, Oppo, which also works intensively in our country, made its mark in the first quarter of this year. Find the drop-down Reno2 and X2 models of Chinese brand to Turkey market, it was number one in smartphone shipments.

Oppo, who won the first place in the first quarter of 2020, surprised many people by gaining the title of “leader” in China’s smart phone market. Competitors of the experienced organization, which constitutes 21.4 percent of the whole market, are also quite strong.

In the second place of the list, Vivo has a 20.5 percent market share. Vivo, which came to the agenda with the latest iQOO 3 Neo 5G model, dropped Huawei to third place. Huawei’s third place in China was announced as 20.2 percent.

The published statistics show us that the Xiaomi front is in fourth place with a market share of 10.3 percent, while Apple, an American brand, is in fifth place on different lands.

Let us remind you that Trustdata team evaluates Huawei and Honor shipments separately. According to the data obtained by many statistics companies, if the shipment rates of these two brands are collected, a 29.9 percent market share emerges.

Thanks to this, Huawei, which took the first place, is not in the first place for Trustdata officials. Apart from that, it is known that the smartphone industry is seriously affected by the Corona virus outbreak.

In this context, it was announced that domestic mobile phone shipment in China witnessed an annual decline of 38.9 percent. In addition, the drop in total mobile phone shipment in China to 20.8 million units causes brands to reschedule their own sales strategies.

Shipments by Chinese domestic brands fell 42.9 percent last January. Chinese authorities predict that this dream will continue. Because Chinese news sources stated that Chinese brands sold approximately 6.34 million phones last February.

This statistic, which shows that you have a 54.7 percent dream, shows that there is a gap between last year and this year. A total of 20.34 million phones were sold in the same period of the previous year. This data is valid for China’s local market.


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