The 2021 Google Nest Hub draws attention to sound quality and sleep tracking.
The second generation Nest Hub model was announced by Google.

The 2021 Google Nest Hub stands out with two new key features. The first of these is better sound quality. Although the product uses the same sound technology, it offers 50 percent more bass. Thanks to the Quick Movements feature, you can pause and play the contents by moving your hand in the air in front of the screen.

Another important feature is sleep tracking. While many sleep tracking products can be worn like smart watches, this product uses smart screen technology. It’s called Sleep Detection and it uses Motion Detection. In the Google Pixel 4 series, shaking your hand to skip songs or mute phone calls, etc. Motion Detection, which lets you do things, has now come to Nest Hub. On the other hand, the technology has a different use in this product and analyzes the sleep of the person closest to the screen based on breathing with movement. In addition, situations such as coughing, snoring and similar situations are noted and temperature changes are detected. In short, the technology uses the entire system to paint a complete picture of how the person closest to the camera is sleeping. You can then ask Google how you sleep or check Google Fit. There are also suggestions for a better night’s sleep.

The bad news is that Sleep Detection isn’t free. Google doesn’t detail how much the feature will cost. A free preview will only be available on the second generation Nest Hub until next year.

The new Nest Hub has 4 different color options: chalk, charcoal, sand and fog. The price is set at about 100 dollars. The product can be pre-ordered from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Australia. We can guess that he will not visit our country again.


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