The eighth-generation BMW M5 is expected to be an electric performance vehicle. According to Car Magazine’s comments, the car will have 1006 horsepower, while 0-100 will be 2.9 seconds

BMW recently introduced a revamp of the BMW 5 Series. Bringing the images of the car to the public, the German car manufacturer has revived the question in the minds of car enthusiasts. The seventh generation, sedan performance car of BMW, the renewed version of the BMW M5 is wondered by users.

According to the statements of Car Magazin, the eighth generation M5 that will come will get power from the electric motor. When it comes to BMW, car enthusiasts always think of engines that make internal combustion and sound. But Tesla showed that cars can also get power from electric motors. Tesla, who does this with less harm to nature, seems to inspire big car manufacturers.

Eighth Generation BMW M5 may arrive with electric engine

If the rumors are true, BMW’s eighth-generation M5 will be the first M car to be fully electric. Vehicles with plug-in hybrid (PHV) or vehicles that are thought to come completely electric are planned to be announced in 2024. The plug-in Hybrid (PHV) model is expected to use the same engine as the X8 M, which will be introduced soon. The twin-turbo, 4.4-liter V8 internal combustion engine, is said to be accompanied by a 750 horsepower (559 kW) electric motor.

The full electric version of the M5 will come with Gen V type batteries. According to the statements made by Car Magazine, BMW can choose the round batteries used by Tesla by changing the batteries it will use in its car. Let’s add that these batteries, which provide safety and additional performance, provide stability to the car.

The energy cell of the car is rated as 135 kWh and a 400 V charger up to 350 kW can be connected to power this cell. BMW may increase its charger capacity by perhaps taking Porshe as a competitor in terms of performance. Porsche uses a 900 V charger in its new Taycan model.

Finally, in the full electric version of the eighth-generation BMW M5, we assume that the maximum range will be 700 km. The vehicle, which is expected to have 1006 horsepower (750 kW), can go from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds.

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