Apple is trying hard to overtake its opponents on the screen. The refresh rate will now be dynamic with the new technology. The US Patent and Trademark Office announced that the new generation Apple iPhone models can reach 240Hz refresh rate, and a phone can gradually reach 60, 120, 180 and 240 Hz. We can say that it will offer a great screen experience especially for game lovers.



The refresh rate indicates how many times an image can be repainted per second. It will offer a magnificent display at 240Hz. Previously, there were rumors that the iPhone 12 would get support for ProMotion mode, which corresponds to a 120 Hz refresh rate. However, this feature has not been implemented on Apple’s current flagship smartphones, as the company fears a significant reduction in battery life.

From now on, the screen, which is basically 120Hz, is expected to be equipped with LTPO panels with variable dynamic refresh rate feature. Most likely, the first phone with this feature will be the iPhone 12S. It is also possible that the iPhone 12S could be released as the iPhone 13, which, according to some sources, will depend on the latency situation. In addition to all this, the iPhone 13 will also feature the Always On Display feature that has been available on Android phones for years. In the future, we will learn all the information when Pandora’s box is opened. As new news about iPhone 13 arrive, we will present it to our valuable readers.


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