With the iOS 13 operating system, which was released late last year, Apple users started to receive this update in September. The new version was announced at the company’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 3, 2019, along with macOS Catalina, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13.

iOS 13, as it is known, brings important changes for the operating system. A dark mode that was active throughout the system, including supporting apps, was added, the volume indicator was renewed and moved to the left of the screen, and many other changes were made available to users.

We have prepared a pleasant list with you, where you can get iOS 13 tips, get to know this operating system more closely. Here are 25 unknown features of iOS 13;

iOS 13 Unknown Features
1- You can type by hovering over the keyboard
This feature, which you can use with certain programs before and found in Android operating systems, is now working with higher quality and absolutely fast with the new iOS 13 update. To use this feature, swipe your finger across the letters on your Apple keyboard to create the word you want. Using this feature, you can quickly and effectively message and prepare your mails.

2- Hold the space for a long time
In fact, this feature, which has been in iOS users for a long time, allows you to quickly correct letter errors while typing. While on the keyboard, hold down the space key and slide it in any direction on your text. I think this feature quickly corrects spelling and letter errors between complex word groups.

3- Easily correct keyboard selections and texts
By hovering over the texts you want to correct, you can select the word, sentence or all the text you want according to your click count. If you click on the word you want 2 times, you will automatically select the word if you click 3 times, and if you click four times, you will automatically select the entire text. You can also tilt your keyboard to the left or right, and make it convenient for one-hand use from the keyboard selection menu on the left.

4- Automatic night mode
Yes, one of the iOS 13 unknown features is the auto-changing night mode. In this way, if you wish, adjusted to the sunrise and sunset, it is automatically updated as dark mode during the day and normal at night. To enable this setting, you can select automatic mode in Settings> Brightness and Display settings, or even set the hours yourself with custom settings.

5- Automatically mute calls from unknown numbers
As you know, Apple always stands out with its user-friendly applications, and this feature is also the type we can call iOS 13 hidden features. When we say telemarkers, unwanted numbers, and various company calls, we encounter many unnecessary calls during the day. If you activate this feature, which you can access in Settings> Phone> Calls, calls received by users who are not registered in your phone directory will always be silent.

6- Ability to make emergency calls quickly
I hope none of us have to use this situation. However, I would definitely recommend you to activate this feature. Under normal conditions, if you hold your phone’s lock key and volume up key, the screen comes up for emergency call. Now, after entering the settings section, we enter the emergency calls section. Then, in the first tab, we activate the search feature with the side button. If you press the lock button 5 times in a row, the emergency service will be called immediately. You can also set the people you want to be notified from this emergency tab. We hope you never have to use this feature.

7- Editable control center
It’s a situation that Apple users know well, sometimes accessing some features can take a long time. For example, low power mode, taking screen record, setting alarms, activating dark mode. In Settings> Control Center> Edit, you can add all the features you want in the control center, and you can quickly handle your operations. A great iOS 13 unknown feature for those who want to use fast phones.

8- Using your battery for a long life
One of the great features of iOS 13, optimizing the battery charge, is a solution to the biggest issue that general iOS users have to suffer with a truly long-lasting charge life. In order to use this feature, it enables us to charge the battery by protecting the health of the battery by choosing Optimize Charge option after going to Settings> Battery.

9- No more applications that finish your internet package
There is an important detail that we really need to put on the list of iOS 13 unknown features. Sometimes you can have limited internet, Apple manufacturers have come up with a great feature to stop applications that fill your quota, run unnecessary in the background and download data. To enable this feature, go to Settings> Cellular Data settings and select low cellular data usage at the bottom. This is all. You will no longer have problems with traveling abroad and using quota mobile data.

10-Is it too boring to close Safari tabs one by one?
When you walk around safari, closing the tabs accumulated in the back side can sometimes become torture. We can really count iOS 13 as unknown features. To activate, choose to close tabs in Settings> Safari> Tabs. If you wish, you can automatically clean daily, weekly or monthly. As a recommendation, it will be to your advantage to choose the week. Sometimes it is possible that you may need to look back in daily searches. Let’s quickly continue to iOS 13 unknown features.

11- Taking a screenshot of the whole page at once
It can sometimes be annoying to take screenshots of an article or article individually. One of the unknown features of iOS 13 is taking a screenshot of the entire page at one time, and it automatically saves it. To use this feature, take a screenshot by pressing the lock key and volume up key of your phone while Safari application is open. Then choose the Full Page option from the tab that will appear at the top. You can scroll to the part of the page on the right side. You can even print out a PDF format. It’s that simple to take a screenshot of the entire web page with a single gesture.

12- Add filters to moving photos
You can add animated and really nice effects and use these filters by sliding the moving photos in your gallery upwards.

13- Canceling the Face ID feature
Sometimes you may not want to use Face ID when your face changes, when you make a mask or when you wake up in the morning or for any reason. All you have to do is press the lock key 5 times quickly and cancel the emergency call. After canceling, you will be asked to enter the security code screen and Face ID will not ask.

14- Create your own Animoji
After Apple users activate the feature that converts their new faces into animology while using iMessage, they can use the animoji in response to any message by holding down the animoji while recording. It’s a really fun feature.

15- Using the 3D Touch
While in the search section, you can easily watch, view and open videos, photos instantly using 3D Touch. You can also use the menu where you can quickly reply to messages with different effects if you apply 3D Touch while using iMessage.

16- Use notes actively
You can quickly access your files from the top right tab to quickly find the attachments you want in the Notes application. You can also save the time by moving the text anywhere you want by holding down after selecting a sentence to make changes to the notes. Again, through this application, you can prepare a to-do list and use it actively. Here’s another great iOS 13 tip, you can scan your documents and add them to your files without having to pay for scanning applications.

17- Unknown of Safari
To safely go to the history tab, simply press and hold the back button (<) at the bottom of the tab you are on. Also, if you do 3D Touch on the tab you want, that tab will open as a preview quickly. Again, you can make your calls from the search section at the top when you pull down all the tabs without having to open a new tab just to search. If you search for a number on the safari, if you make a 3D Touch to the number, you can access the features such as dialing the number directly and adding it to the directory.

18- Manage your mails easily
Thanks to the mail application available in iOS, you can manage many of your mail addresses from a single region. While in any e-mail, you can switch between your mails with the up and down arrows opened at the top right. You can quickly access your drafts if you press and hold the button on the bottom right while creating a new mail.

19- Unknown while taking a screenshot
We learned that we can take screenshots quickly, when you tap on the screenshot we took, click the + icon at the far right of the following icons. You can add a magnifying glass, a ready signature or text directly, and make your screenshots more fun. You can also share it directly on the platform or the person you want by holding the screen image you take on it.

20- Scanning documents quickly

When you log in to My Files, press and hold on an empty space. Then click on the “Scan Documents” button on the tab that opens. Thus, you can quickly scan and store the scanned files as you wish.

21- Quickly relocate files
When you press and hold a file using 3D Touch in My Files, you can drag it into the folder you want or back to a folder. You can also tag files from the tab that opens when you hold them down, and quickly find them later in the search section.

22- Accessing the details of your files
Detailed information of any file is always stored. How you want a photo or a document. Access the desired file via the My Files app and open the menu using 3D Touch. From the information section, you can access features such as the shooting date and size of the photo.

23- Use the auxiliary key as the home key
As with previous iOS versions, activate the assistive Touch in Settings> Accessibility. On the page where this button is activated, if you wish, you can make the button act like a home button that is only in older models.

24- How to search for images with Google on iOS 13?
Copy an image of your choice from your gallery and enter the Google Chrome app. You can click the “Search Copied Image” button under the search section and you can see the image that appears immediately. You can search by image from your phone by clicking the search button.

25- Hidden volume up / down setting
When you do not want to use the keys of your phone, you can make the volume on or off for a short time when you slide it from the part of your volume button close to the screen to the opposite side with the new feature coming to iOS 13, it is a really useful feature.

Here we talked about the hidden features with iOS 13 unknown features list. It is very difficult to catch up with some developments in the rapidly rising technology age. As a technology giant, Apple manages to add innovations to its devices day by day. I wish you a pleasant reading.


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