Maker (MKR), one of the popular cryptocurrencies, added value to Coinbase news and impressive growth in the DeFi market.

Maker (MKR), one of the known cryptocurrencies of the market, is almost biting with its performance especially in recent days.

The token of Maker, a smart contract platform that supports the value of stable crypto DAI in the Ethereum blockchain and ensures its stability, has increased by more than 250 percent since the week of March 12, when major price collapses were seen.

Seeing $ 716 as of this morning, Maker was last July 9, 2019 when it found buyers at these levels. The 23rd largest cryptocurrency with its market value was changing hands from $ 200 three months ago.

The main increase in Maker came in late May. The share of Maker being listed on Coinbase after a long time was great in this. In addition, the decentralized finance (DeFi) market is gaining momentum with each passing day and it can be said that Maker is getting a share from the growth here. According to DeFiMarketCap, the value of DeFi tokens has surpassed the $ 2 billion threshold on the weekend, reaching $ 2.4 billion. Two months ago, this figure was only $ 1 billion.

Maker is a leader in DeFiMarketCap rankings. Kyber Network is followed by the 0x protocol with $ 322 million and $ 192 million. Market capitalization of Maker is $ 711 million.


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