Following the XRP movements, the Twitter bot XRPL Monitor has detected dozens of large and small quantities of XRP transactions.

XRP worth $ 50 million moved to crypto exchanges

In the largest transaction, 80 million XRP was transferred. A total of 258.7 million XRP was transferred to the transactions that took place with the participation of Ripple Blockchain decacorn.

Ripple has sent a total of 260 million XRP to Coinbase Pro and Binance. Transactions worth $ 48,770,431 were watched carefully in the crypto world. The biggest transaction involving 80 million XRP took place between Ripple and BitGo. As it is known, Blockchain giant BitGo offers storage service to Ripple.

The rest of the transfers took place between Ripple and the leading crypto exchanges Coinbase Pro and Binance. The large amount of XRPs sent to the stock exchanges raised suspicion among investors. As always, some investors have suggested that some investors may be liquidated while awaiting an increase.

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