According to research by Strategy Analytics company, the rapid growth in consumer broadband internet traffic will end. Users are not required to have a higher internet speed.

For several decades, along with Moore’s law, another empirical law formulated by Jacob Nielsen began to work. This law states that the average user’s Internet access speed increases by an average of 50% per year. However, Strategy Analytics experts have announced that Nielsen law will expire after Moore’s law.

No new technology to require an increase in internet speed

According to analysts, the increase in broadband internet access speed will decrease by 82% by 2028. Experts believe that in the coming years most users will not need internet speeds above 100-300 Mbps. Dan Grossman, chief analyst at Strategy Analytics, commented on this analysis:

“Not surprisingly, the traffic growth is declining. After all, nothing is growing forever. The increase in broadband internet traffic has been fueled by a number of phenomena, including the recent boom in video streaming, and we cannot see what can continue to support the high growth in internet speed. 8K video, virtual. reality, streaming games and smart homes are not strong enough incentives to further increase network speed. ”

Phil Candell, director of services at Strategy Analytics, added that instead of offering higher internet speeds than ever before, it makes sense for providers to focus on quality and offer new features such as reducing network latency and improving connection reliability.


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