With the price of solid state drives falling, the expected picture becomes reality over time. SSDs, which are frequently used in ready-made computers, surpassed HDD sales last year.

Since the first time that SSDs started to become widespread, they have become more durable and the GB / $ ratio has become increasingly available as well as their increasing capacity.

More users are upgrading to SSD
Trendforce’s latest report revealed that more users are switching to SSD as a result of the developments in favor of the consumer. According to the report, 333 million SSDs were sold last year.

While the SSDs sold reached a total capacity of 207 Exabytes, there was a lower capacity compared to the less sold HDDs. 260 million HDDs have been sold, reaching a total area of ​​just over 1 Zettabyte.

On the other hand, the average capacity of SSDs sold reaches 0.67 TB, while the average capacity on the HDD wing is 4 TB. The situation is in line with the predictions as SSDs offer lower capacity per drive.

Nevertheless, let’s underline that a 50% volume increase is reported in the total capacity of SSDs sold, which remained at 13% in the HDD wing.

If we look at the annual growth, SSD sales increased by 20.8% compared to the previous year, while HDD sales decreased by 18%.


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