The 3DMark test of the graphics card Xe DG1, introduced by Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, has emerged in recent months. The graphics card came out faster than all GPUs, while it was slower than the entry-level AMD and NVIDIA cards.

Intel’s graphics card with a GPU named Xe DG1 has been the subject of a series of comparisons in 3DMark. While the graphics card proved to be faster than all the current GPU-containing cards in comparison, it was seen that it was one step behind its closest competitors. Some circles, who published the benchmark result, also responded to people who reported that this could be speculation. An interesting point was the comparison of Xe GPU with Core i9-9900K. Because, as you know, the Core i9-9900K does not contain any GPU in itself.

In the raw performance comparison, the Xe DG1 GPU-based graphics card managed to get equal points with the GeForce GTX 950, while catching up to 5960 points by catching up to the once-flagship GeForce GTX 680. AMD’s Polaris series, on the other hand, proved to offer better performance with Radeon RX 560, which managed to score as high as 200-300 from the Xe DG1 GPU. The technology comparison for Xe DG1 GPU, which is expected to be used in notebooks and desktop computers in the second half of 2020 with the emerging comparison, has been spoken since the first day that the graphics card will not go on sale even though it starts to anticipate.

Very close to AMD and NVIDIA:

One of the most frequent comments is that it is very clear that Intel has not left tracking behind AMD and NVIDIA with the products it has recently introduced. AMD currently relies on the refined 7nm Vega GPU architecture with its Renoir APUs, while NVIDIA continues to use MX entry-level chips. AMD’s Ryzen 4800U processor comes out of the test with 3543 points, thus showing that the Intel Xe DG1 GPU is ahead with a difference of about 70%.

Let’s see how the graphics card Intel Xe DG1, whose target audience is determined as office computers of corporate companies, will come out of the comparisons. This type of testing is expected to increase as the launch approaches. Intel is said to be working on the powerful high-end graphics card DG2 GPU for users who expect more performance.


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