Popular cryptocurrency trader and market analyst Elliot Wainman shared his views on four little-known altcoins, which he claims have enormous growth potential.



In a recent YouTube post, Wainman told his subscribers that he has a knack for finding “valuable” altcoins by focusing on low-value projects that have significant pros.

Here are 4 altcoins with growth potential:

1- Bridge Mutual (BMI)

Wainman highlighted the Bridge Mutual as a project for investors to consider, with the launch of the BMI token in the near horizon. Trader calls Bridge Mutual a transparent and decentralized insurance application that can take over established financial institutions.

However, Wainman warned followers that the BMI launch could be made chaotic by high-frequency trading bots:

Bridge will start at a really low market value. It can be attacked, inflated and pumped right away, I don’t really know what will happen. It will probably be absolute madness at the beginning here, but I think it will rise at least in the first month and grow even more as it reaches the market structure.

2- Hopr

Wainman also featured on the yet-to-be Hopr project that seeks to find a balance between user privacy and market regulations.

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Even if certain cryptocurrencies are not an anonymous privacy coin, they allow more anonymization of data on the blockchain. And I think this setup makes a lot of sense because it’s a service people want. But the privacy benefit will likely catch regulators’ attention.


3- Flow (FLOW)

Wainman stated that Dapper Labs also has positive views on the Flow (FLOW) token, calling the project a developer-friendly blockchain that aims to create a base layer for next-generation games and applications.


4- Klondike Finance (CLONE)

The crypto trader made its last choice with the DeFi project Klondike Finance (KLON), which has the potential to be another yield farming bomb.

In fact, you can only farming and earn CLON tokens. There is really no big risk. I’m not telling you whether to take CLONES or rise… DeFi is essentially about farming.


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