There are 4 cryptocurrencies that will undergo important developments this week, when Altcoins continue to stand out with their price performances.

Altcoins continue to stand out in the crypto money markets. Some of the other cryptocurrencies that have seen new rises as Bitcoin is inactive even outperform their record levels.

There was a strong upward momentum towards mid-week in VeChain (VET), one of the three cryptocurrencies in the note we released last week. While there was relatively little mobility in TRX, KNC was very variable.

There are 4 cryptocurrencies that we think should be on the radar this week.

Binance Coin (BNB)

As it is known, Binance burns BNB every quarter. The amount to be burned is determined by the commercial activity in the last 3 months. A record amount of BNB could be burned, as the crypto markets have been moving in recent months and trading volumes have been rising significantly. The figures have not been officially announced yet, but how much was burned today or tomorrow will be announced. Even if there is no explanation, it is known that there will be burning and it has been priced to a certain extent. However, some may continue. It is useful to follow.

Algorand (ALGO)

On Thursday, July 16, Republic, the largest private investment platform on the Algorand blockchain, will launch a digital dividend token. The company will sell the token called Republic Note. The function of Token; reward users, investors and partners for activities carried out on the platform.

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A pre-sale was made for the token and the tokens were sold for $ 0.06 to $ 0.10. Republic thus earns $ 10 million in revenue, while investors include Binance, Algorand and The price of the public token sale will be $ 0.12.

Grin (GRIN)

GRIN will undergo a major update on the main network this week. On July 16, hard fork will be made in block number 786240. The mining algorithm will change.

Haven Protocol (XHV)

Haven will release the first private stable cryptocurrency xUSD to run on Haven’s home network on July 20. The introduction of xUSD also requires a hard fork. “Haven hopes to take another giant step forward for humanity,” the team says in its ambitious statement. In the environment of increasing economic instability and privacy violations, the date of 20 July 2020 will be the beginning of a new option for financial freedom. ”

Finally, the projects that will take place in the virtual cryptocurrency conference Off The Charts, which Binance announced on the high screen, can also be closely watched. These; Cardano, Elrond, Basic Attention Token, Neo, Celer Network, Harmony, WazirX, Qtum, Matic Network, IOST AND Aelf.


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