Galaxy S20 FE is one of the most popular phones since last year. So how can the Galaxy S21 FE be the center of attention? We wrote about our expectations.


The Galaxy S20 FE model, which was introduced last year, made the faces of Samsung with successful sales. The Galaxy S20 FE was introduced in October, but the sales of the phone brought claims that the sequel, the Galaxy S21 FE, could arrive earlier. Even the first images of the phone leaked to the internet and the design is inspired by the Galaxy S21 as expected.

What do we expect from the Galaxy S21 FE model?

The Galaxy S20 FE has been a phone that satisfies buyers in many respects, especially the price. Turkey speaking on the phone did not have a specific point of criticism except that it has a Exynos processor. One of our biggest wishes is that the phone will enter our country this time with a Snapdragon processor. As we mentioned in some of our previous news, Snapdragon processors work both more performance and more efficiently than Exynos processors in the same category. So what do we expect from the Galaxy S21FE model. Let’s talk about them under a few headings.


Better camera package

We hope to see a better wide camera with 108 megapixel main camera compared to Galaxy S20 FE. We also want the telephoto sensor to continue to be included in the camera package.

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Snapdragon processor

Here we are at the point whether it is made of Snapdragon or stone. The Snapdragon 870 processor started to take place in many mid-top segment phones. Even if there won’t be a Snapdragon 888, we think the Snadpragon 870 will fit the S21 FE as well.

Wide color gamut

We loved the many color options in the GalaxyS20 FE model and our hope is that these colors will be further enhanced in the S21 FE model.

Display in Galaxy S21 series

The phone will probably have an AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution. We hope that the screen that will not be curved will be Dynamic AMOLED instead of Super AMOLED. We also want the screen to be protected with Gorilla Glass Victus.


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