Raspberry Pi Pico, a controller designed for interactive object development, uses the RP2040 chip. Raspberry Pi Pico features and price in our news.

Raspberry Pi Foundation, which started a new era in the computer market with its ARM-based developer cards, came before the consumer with a controller, not with a new computer contrary to expectations.

Raspberry Pi Pico features and price
The new circuit board called Raspberry Pi Pico is a microcontroller and appeals to Arduino style projects. As it is known, do-it-yourself interactive object development studies, especially Arduino, are very popular in the DIY market, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation is also targeting here.

An important feature of the microcontroller is that it uses the Raspberry Pi design on the chip side. The RP2040 chip contains a dual-core ARM Cortex-M0 + processor. Next to it is 16MB memory, including 264KB RAM and 2MB integrated. Platforms such as Adafruit, Pimoroni and SparkFun also use the chip, which is ideal for machine learning operations.

Raspberry Pi Pico card, which has interface features such as 30 GPIO pins, USB 1.1 controller, USB mass storage support, has a price tag of $ 4…


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