If you don’t know the actor Woo Do Hwan, get ready to be fascinated by this figure in the drama ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’.

Entering the middle of the drama, Woo Do Hwan stole more and more attention with his two adorable characters in each episode.

Whether it’s as Commander Jo Yeong, King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) best friend and bodyguard in the Corea Kingdom, or as Jo Eun Seop from the parallel world of the Republic of Korea who is undergoing military service as a public service worker, Woo Do Hwan always manages to captivate the audience with his amazing acting.

Here are 4 sides of Woo Do Hwan that can captivate the hearts of viewers of ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’:

Loyal and loyal
Jo Yeong’s first priority is to protect King Lee Gon from all danger, so it is not surprising that his character always looks serious and full of caution. But despite his cold appearance, Jo Yeong is a loyal, reliable, and truly caring person for Lee Gon. When Lee Gon was attacked by a thug, Jo Yeong immediately ran over and beat them without mercy! Who won’t melt seeing Woo Do Hwan’s action in this scene.

Dare to Fight
Even though Jo Yeong had no choice but to follow his king’s orders, it didn’t mean he didn’t dare to fight Lee Gon. Jo Yeong and Lee Gon had been friends since childhood, so he was not afraid to reprimand his king – including when Lee Gon went secretly to the Republic of Korea without giving further explanation to him. Woo Do Hwan also successfully shows his cynical side which is sometimes flavored by humor.

Woo Do Hwan does have its own charm, but when he is with Lee Min Ho, both of them will emit a very strong bromance chemistry! Lee Min Ho and the two Woo Do Hwan characters have different types of bromance, in which Lee Gon prefers to insinuate Jo Yeong’s rigid character, but more often mischief the character Jo Eun Seop who tends to be naive.

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Aside from Lee Min Ho, the other not to be missed moment is when two Woo Do Hwan characters meet. Although initially quarrels often because of their different personalities, the two characters finally manage to find a middle ground and decide to make peace. No wonder you will be fascinated by Woo Do Hwan’s double acting at this moment.

Jo Yeong captivated the hearts of the audience through his spry and manly character, but Woo Do Hwan was able to show another attraction through Jo Eun Seop’s cute and adorable character! Jo Eun Seop is described as a simple, sweet, and harmless character. With Busan’s thick dialect and laughing movements, Jo Eun Seop’s presence always makes the atmosphere brighter.

After watching Woo Do Hwan’s action in eight episodes of ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, you certainly can’t wait to see Jo Yeong and Jo Eun Seop’s next episode.

On the episode 9 trailer, you will see Kang Sin Jae (Kim Kyung Nam) trying to reveal the secret about his birth, meanwhile, Lee Gon and Lee Lim (Lee Jung Jin) start attacking each other. The love story of Lee Gon and Jeong Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) also cannot be missed because Lee Gon has invited Jeong Tae Eul to live together in his world.

Be sure to follow the next episode because the storyline is getting more interesting to follow! ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ airs on Netflix every Friday and Saturday at 21:30 WIB.


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