The cryptocurrency market today has been shaken by a Bitcoin transfer, which is likely to be realized by Satoshi Nakamoto. Later in-depth reviews showed that the transaction may not belong to the inventor of Bitcoin. Here are 4 reasons that reinforce this possibility …

The cryptocurrency market today was shaken by a Bitcoin transfer likely to belong to Satoshi Nakamoto.

The 40 BTC produced on February 9, 2009, were first removed from the wallet since then, and some of them were sent to CoinPayments with Coinbase. Bitcoin was released only 1 month before these BTCs were produced. So there was a very limited circle that knew Bitcoin outside of Satoshi Nakamoto at that time. Therefore, the transaction was thought to belong to either Satoshi Nakamoto or its immediate surroundings. With this in mind, some have sold the BTCs in their hands, causing the price to drop by around $ 700 in minutes. It is stated that Satoshi Nakamoto has 1 million BTC. It has been worried that Bitcoin’s inventor has been selling these BTCs for a long time.

Subsequently, in-depth analyzes by experts revealed that the procedure probably did not belong to Satoshi Nakamoto. According to these experts, the procedure was not carried out by Nakamoto for the following 4 reasons:

1 – Patoshi molds
Previously, cryptocurrency security advisor Sergio Demian Lerner identified the blocks issued by Satoshi Nakamoto with a model he developed and called it “Patoshi patterns”. Although the results of the research are not 100% accurate, Lerner is confident in the accuracy of his findings. BTC, which moves today, belongs to block 3654 and according to Patoshi patterns, this block was not removed by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, it should be noted that the accuracy of the work carried out by Lerner was discussed.

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2 – In 2009 there were a few other miners other than Satoshi Nakamoto
In February 2009, there were other miners besides Satoshi Nakamoto. Although they are few in number, it is likely that today’s transfer will come from one of these miners.

3 – BTCs issued by the same person are constantly spent
It was determined that the person who removed the block 3354 was the same person who removed the many blocks from 3350 to 3669 and much more. This person has spent many BTC it has produced to date. Also, sending some of the produced BTCs to the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and the crypto payment platform CoinPayments undermines the possibility that the person on the agenda is Satoshi Nakamoto. Coinbase cannot be used without authentication and such a situation is fundamentally in contradiction with Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision.

4- Not a known Satoshi address
The address where BTCs are moved isn’t a Bitcoin address known to belong to Satoshi. Commenting on the issue, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said, “Relax, guys. It’s much more likely not to be Satoshi. This has happened several times before, although it cannot be proven. Don’t get too excited. Just another day in crypto. ” used expressions.


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