Ripple News: Recent data shows that in May and the first four days of June, Ripple co-founder McCaleb transferred 453 million XRP to be put up for sale.



The XRPscan analytics platform shows that since the beginning of May, Ripple’s chief technology officer Jed McCaleb has sold almost half a billion XRP from the “tacostand” wallet.

During this time, it also received 408 million XRP from Ripple Labs. The transaction took place on June 3.

There is $430 million worth of XRP sold by McCaleb in May

In May, Ripple co-founder Jed MacCaleb sold his XRP in quantities of 10.2 million, 10 million, 13.4 million and 17.3 million, changing the amount every week.

In June, it has sold 16,353,884 XRP tokens on every transfer so far. The total value of XRP sold in USD is $430,336,399.

Currently, “tacostand” holds 617,345,763 XRP in its balance.

Jed McCaleb receives regular payments from Ripple Labs as part of the settlement agreement signed when he left Ripple in 2013, and continues to build Ripple’s competitor, Stellar, with the XLM coin aimed at fast and cheap payments for financial institutions and remittances.

Ripple Moves XRP to Bitso

About 18 hours ago, Whale Alert found that Ripple sent 10 million XRP to its ODL partner in Latin America and to Bitso exchange, the Unicorn crypto company.

Apart from that, major US exchange Bittrex sent 17 million XRP tokens to Upbit, and an unnamed whale moved 10 million XRP to Japanese exchange Bitbank.

As Bitcoin has been hacked by many as a very energy-consuming cryptocurrency produced from fossil fuels, Ripple-affiliated XRP is promoting itself as a green cryptocurrency that does not need proof-of-work (PoW) mining as it is pre-mined.


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