Google Stadia 4K requirements were shared from the official Stadia page. Stadia stated that it would offer the possibility of gameplay with high quality graphics when announced, and it was criticized in the first days for its low image quality.

The first players to experience Stadia stated that they could not even reach 720p resolution. However, Google continued its work and explained the things needed to players who want to play 4K.

What are the requirements of Google Stadia 4K?
4K work for Stadia has come to an end. Google, which wants to offer the new game experience to the players, announced that it has the support of the players via the internet browser. However, some features are required for 4K resolution to be played on any computer.

The official announcement stated that the Chrome browser installed on the computer should be 4K supported. 4K support can be learned by following the steps below.

In Chrome, chrome: // gpu is written in the address bar.

In the page that opens, “Video Acceleration Information” section is entered.

In this section, “Decode VP9” text is searched. If this information is available, it means Decode VP9 support is available.

Decode VP9 is located on the scanner for processing and displaying 4K images. In addition, a 4K-supported monitor must be present to get the 4K image.

4K requirements for Google Stadia also require a stable internet speed. If the connection is slow, it is stated that freezing may occur in 4K images.

It was also reported that the above mentioned Decode VP9 support is not available on Apple devices. This is even shown by causing Safari not to open 4K videos on YouTube. For Linux devices, no shared.

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