NASA has released an amazing 4K quality video of Perseverance’s landing moments on Mars. We see images from four different angles in the video.

A very important video was released today from NASA’s historical Perseverance mission. Having held a small press conference about the mission, NASA shared a 4K video showing Perseverance’s landing moments on Mars. You can watch these amazing moments below.

The video above has historical significance, as no high-quality video of landing moments on Mars missions has ever been made. The Perseverance mission was the first in the history of space exploration in this sense. For the first time, we had the opportunity to see the process of landing on the Red Planet in such detail.

NASA researchers said they received a full 30gb of data and 23,000 images from Perseverance’s landing.

Perseverance had entered the atmosphere of Mars with a protective cover and landing vehicle. The task of the landing vehicle, called ‘Skycrane’, was to reduce the landing speed when Perseverance approached the surface by using rocket thrusters on it. We can also see the Skycrane vehicle at the end of the video.

NASA has used four different cameras to record Perseverance’s landing: one placed on the Skycrane landing vehicle, one facing back in the protective casing, and finally two on either side of the navigator. In the video above shared by NASA, we see images from all these angles.


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