OPPO Reno 6 News: We talked about the top 5 phones that are preparing to join the smartphone market. Our favorite was the OPPO Reno 6.


These days, when the competition in the smartphone market continues to increase, new phones continue to be released. Different companies are presenting their new trump cards. In our news today, we examined the phones that will appear this month, in June 2021. This month, very nice phone models will take their places on the shelves. However, which of these phones is better and which ones should be bought, these questions are also important. Our list also included devices such as the OnePlus Nord CE 5G, iQOO Z3 and OPPO Reno 6 series.

Different phones are coming, preparing to join the smartphone market. June will also be a very active month. Dozens of different phone brands will appear in front of millions of users. Companies aiming for high sales continue to use their trump cards for 2021.

Top 5 Phones to Release This Month, OPPO Reno 6 Will Get Attention

Dozens of different phone models that we have been reporting for months will take their place on the market this month. The highly anticipated phones will be introduced despite the corona virus and will be able to take their place in the market. While not many announcements were made in May, an explosion is expected in June. This month, very solid and beautiful models will take their places on the shelves. These phones will also bear similarities to each other in terms of both performance and other features. It was not easy for us to choose the phones below. Because there will be dozens of different phones on the market.

Here are the best phones to come out this month:

OnePlus Nord CE 5G
realme GT 5G
iQOO Z3 5G
OPPO Renault 6
Huawei P50


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