BTS’s participation in the Dear Class of 2020 event was full of good times for the group’s fans, from incredible presentation and to the emotional words that the idols dedicated to the graduates, but probably the emotion of the moment did not let you see some of these details.

The online graduation event to close a school stage brought together great stars from the entertainment world, but the participation of BTS was one of the most anticipated during this broadcast.

Although their appearance was not extensive, the time they spent with the graduates and fans of the group around the world left us surprised, since the members showed their talent, their good hearts and also left us some details to analyze.

Keep reading and make sure you have paid attention to all these details:


As the group performed, a few cuts from the video let fans see some of Jungkook’s tattoos on his arm, sparking curiosity again to see what they really look like. However, these were small moments, since while some shots showed us the idol’s shirt lifted from the sleeves, in others it appeared with the garment buttoned.


On this occasion, we saw Suga wearing a bracelet made up of thin colored cords and some charms. These items are named Hope Butterfly bracelet and are part of a campaign in solidarity with women who were victims of slavery during World War II.


As always, V wore a charming look, however his shoes were a special detail for his outfit. This time, Taehyung wore Slingback sandals, this shoe is characterized by exposing the heel of whoever wears them. It is a popular garment among women, but V showed that there is no gender for fashion as it looked amazing with them.


The idol also wore an Acne Studios Women’s Wear shirt, the garment belonging to the clothing line designed for women, was elegantly worn by V, breaking stereotypes regarding the clothes that each gender should (or could) wear.


BTS fans had a great time watching their favorite idols in front of the screen, the speech that each gave was full of encouraging words and also, their presentation demonstrated the musical quality of these idols, but the fans were definitely not the only ones They had fun because the interaction between the group members also showed funny gestures. Relive the presentation of this idol group below:

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