Enjoy the winter holidays with the best stories starring the King of Hallyu Lee Min Ho. Enjoy a weekend marathon with the best Lee Min Ho films, the actor has played various characters on the big screen.

With an upcoming project for Apple TV, the drama star continues to increase his career, furthermore, he positioned himself as one of the favorite figures of 2020 thanks to the story of Netflix’s “The King: Eternal Monarch”. Lee Min Ho is known for being one of the most famous faces in South Korea and in the world thanks to series like “Boys Over Flowers” ​​or “City Hunter”.

If you want to revive the talent of Lee Min Ho and learn more about his career, you can do it with his best films, Throughout the years he has played political characters, youth, secret agents among others. Build your weekend marathon and take advantage of the Christmas holidays to connect with their performances.

Lee Min Ho has become the ideal boy for many fans thanks to his various facets on screen. Escape the freezing weather, cook popcorn and enjoy youthful stories, action, comedy and film noir with the films of the Hallyu star .

The Korean film has earned a place in entertainment, with movies like “#VIVO”, “Parasite”, “Train to Busan” and Lee Min Ho is no exception. Get to know another side of their culture with this list of 5 weekend movies you must see.

If you are doramas, we leave you a list with 10 series that will remind you of the plot of “The King: Eternal Monarch”.


Bounty hunters

Year: 2016
Starring: Lee Min Ho and Tiffany Tang An
action movie that chronicles the life of Yi San, a famous bounty hunter with martial arts skills and a huge ego. However, he will face a great mission: to find a bomb threat in a hotel. He will have to face Cat Woman.

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Get up

Year: 2008
Main characters: Lee Min Ho and a
youth film that tells the life of Min Wook Gi, a student who gets into a fight with another boy and both end up in trouble. After receiving a punishment, he also receives the news that his girlfriend is already with another boy and he sets out to chase her with the help of his enemy Lee Doo Hun, going through a road trip that will unite them.

Public Enemy Returns

Year: 2008
Stars: Lee Min Ho, Sul Kyung Gu and Jung Jae Young
Action film that tells the life of a detective named Kang Cheol Jung who decided to resign 5 years ago, but his financial situation is not very good, so They assign him to a new case, the investigation is closed, but he will be able to find some clues about a murder involving 3 former students.


Gangnam 1970

Year: 2015Stars: Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won
Noir film that tells the life of Kim Jong Dae, a man living in the 70s, during the rise of political corruption. The protagonist has a friend named Yong Ki, both in their past struggled to get ahead, but the government disaster separates their paths, now, he lives as an honest man, but his partner is a member of a criminal group.

Our School ET

Starring: Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Ro and Lee Han Wie
Children’s fantasy film that tells the life of Seong Gun, a very lazy school teacher, but when school is about to change the curricula, he realizes that his vocation is in teaching English.

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