Five new applications have been added to the store of Epic games, which has an important place in PC gaming and competes with Steam.

Epic Games, which is in the race with Steam for PC gaming, continues to expand its store. Five different PC apps have now been added to the store.

Epic Games added five new PC apps to its store yesterday evening and even opened an “Apps” section in the store. Epic Games added Spotify, a music streaming application, to the store last December.

You can find the apps added, their prices and what they do, below. – The app allows you to easily download and run games and software from itch,

Brave – Get an ultra-fast web experience that offers unmatched privacy for all your gaming needs. Brave eliminates creepy ads and data trackers that clog performance.

KenShape – KenShape creates 3D models from 2D pixel art drawings using a variety of shapes.

Krita – Krita is an open source desktop painting application designed for illustrators, concept artists, comic bookists, matte painting artists, texture artists, and animators.

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