Ariana Grande is an icon of women’s fashion, from her ponytail to her cat ears, but she also possesses a natural beauty that makes her look youthful and beautiful.

Ariana Grande looks beautiful without makeup, meet the natural beauty of the singer with her best looks that show why she is a figure of female fashion.

The “7 Rings” star has set fashion trends thanks to her outfits , hairstyles and make-up styles . With accessories such as cat ears, hair extensions and large heels, the singer has earned a place as a reference in fashion. With incredible outfits custom-made by her personal designer, Ariana Grande has turned the stage into her own runway, but when she goes without makeup she makes her fans fall in love even more.

Without a doubt, the voice, personality and attractiveness ofAriana Grande has positioned her as one of the industry’s favorite female artists, but like any girl, when the show is over and during her free time, she sports a natural look that highlights her facial features without the need for makeup.

From her large eyes, lips, nose, and fine features, Ariana Grande possesses unique characteristics that make her shine in front of the camera. Through social networks, her fans have shared the best photos without makeup of the celeb , as they admire her normal and natural appearance, since she looks like an ordinary, youthful and adorable girl.

Admire Ariana Grande’s feminine appeal with5 photos where she poses without makeup. Remember that self-confidence and self-love are your best make up to look beautiful. In addition to “Positions” , the singer is about to premiere her new documentary “excuse me, i love you”, a reunion of her Sweetener tour as a Christmas present, premieres on December 21st.



From the beginning of her career, Ariana Grande surprised her fans with her great voice, but also with her beauty. It was only enough with her famous ponytail to look beautiful. From a young age her features looked delicate without the need for makeup, from her plump lips, a button-shaped nose and chubby cheekbones.


Something that stands out a lot about the singer are her lips, she always makes the famous duck face for her selfies and without makeup, this facial feature stands out even more. Ariana Grande looks much younger when she doesn’t paint, plus her eyes look much larger.


The singer has fallen in love with her fans with her natural beauty, demonstrating the great care she gives to her skin, showing off a complexion free of imperfections, radiant and healthy. Without makeup , they highlight her plump lips, her eyes and the fine lines of her face.


Before she rose to fame, her big brown eyes, her thin nose and her puffy cheeks were what stood out the most, she did not wear makeup and her rotro looked less in tune than now, but it gave her an adorable and youthful appearance.

Girl power

Ariana Grande is an icon of women’s fashion and has shown that natural beauty is one of her most attractive points. When she poses without makeup, her eyes, nose, cheekbones and fine ears stand out. Her complexion looks much clearer and gives her a more youthful and ethereal look.


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