Samsung is developing a new 50-megapixel camera sensor. We take a look at the camera to use on affordable phones.


Samsung announced on its official Twitter account that a new ISOCELL camera sensor is on the way. The Samsung 50-megapixel camera sensor, which will be introduced on June 10, will apparently target affordable smartphones.

The slogan “ISOCELL for everyone” in the shared post hints that the sensor will be used not only in Samsung phones, but also in other brand phones. With this development, which will be a big step in the camera development of affordable smartphones, we can say that the rear main cameras will now be upgraded from 48 megapixels to 50 megapixels.

Other technical details of the 50-megapixel camera are currently unknown, but the information is that this sensor will benefit from some of the features of its older brother, the 1/1.12″ ISOCELL GN2 camera used in the Mi 11 Ultra / Mi 11 Pro. Especially the low-light performance of the new sensor arouses great curiosity.

Samsung, which has invested heavily in mobile camera development over the past few years, is starting to reap the benefits. Samsung, which has become an important supplier today, will make mid-segment phones more competitive with its new 50-megapixel camera. Of course, this will further increase sales in the company’s best-selling phone series.


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