Recent data show that the two major companies have purchased half of Bitcoin, which has been issued so far this year for corporate and retail customers. Both Bitcoin and retail investors seem to be buying large amounts of Bitcoin, as the price of Bitcoin is expected to rise soon. Recent data are reported that two major companies dealing with crypto have bought more than fifty percent of BTC produced so far this year.

With growing interest in Bitcoin this year, statistics say investors are buying huge amounts of BTC. According to the data, Greyscale (a cryptocurrency investment fund) and CashApp (online payments and banking service) bought 50 percent of the BTC issued by miners in the first quarter of 2020. This data was shared by investor and trader Alistair Milne on Twitter.

Marty‚Äôs Chiefent’s Editor in Chief also reported similar information.

It was previously reported that Wall Street can hold five percent of all circulating Bitcoin.

Large Quantities of Purchase
Jason A. Williams, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, stated on Twitter that he has bought large amounts of Bitcoin these days. Asked what she meant with “too much BTC”, Williams replied: “As much as a beautiful house.”


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