Rocket Lake processors that Intel will switch to the new architecture on the old node will be a very interesting generation in this respect. Test results for new chips keep coming.

The Rocket Lake processors that Intel will protect the LGA1200 socket will be the last generation that AMD will face with the advantage of the company’s over-mature production process.

Behind your opponent
The Core i9-11900K, which shed a sweat in the testing of the CPU-Z, offered a significant intergenerational improvement to its predecessor, with a 19% difference in single core and 13% in multi-core.

On the other hand, the processor that Intel is expected to offer as the fastest game processor in the coming period is 52% behind AMD’s Ryzen 9 5950X solution, which has been on the market for months, in multi-core. In a single core, the table is in Intel’s favor with only 3% difference.

Finally, the blue team is expected to detail their Cypress Cove architecture chips at the upcoming CES 2021 show. The models will meet with the users next March.


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