The new record for magnetic tapes, one of the oldest storage methods: 580 TB.
Magnetic tapes continue to be an important storage solution for data archiving and backup.

The technology, first invented in 1928, continues to be developed by companies such as IBM and Fujifilm. After all, we have a single LTO-8 tape that can carry 580 TB of data.

In addition to the new high density material developed by Fujifilm, the tape also uses IBM’s servo and signal processing technology. However, a low-friction write head is used that can read / write in a much narrower space.

The new technology will enable the storage of large amounts of data, referred to as zettabytes (1 ZB = 1 trillion GB) in the modern world. IBM states that with this development, digital data can be stored, which is expected to reach 175 zettabytes worldwide by 2025.

We can say that tape drives are the old storage technology that continues to be used today. IBM and Fujifilm have achieved an important technical success. Mark Lantz estimates that there are currently more than 345,000 exabytes of data in tape storage systems that maintain excellence in scalable, cost-effective and secure storage solutions. Accordingly, he says, hybrid cloud storage solutions will also rely on magnetic tape for data archiving for decades to come.


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