For nearly 1 week, the name BLACKPINK and MV “How You Like That” have been covered worldwide with unimaginable charm. This is considered a “refreshing rain” for those who have been waiting for YG girls for the past 1 year.

Despite being on the broadcast for many days, “How You Like That” by BLACPINK has not shown any signs of cooling down yet. The proof is that besides the series of record-breaking achievements, this comeback is still becoming the world’s most watched video in the past 24 hours. Not only that, on the latest update of trending worldwide, “How You Like That” is also holding the top 1 trending Indonesia and # 4 trending in Thailand as well as Turkey. BLACKPINK is indeed taking over YouTube.

On trending YouTube trending tab, although Son Tung M-TP’s comeback trailer with the MV “Sure You Love It Here” is increasing rumbling, but it still cannot beat the top 1 trending of BLACKPINK and “How You Like That”. Accordingly, the YG girls are still standing on the throne of trending in Vietnam with more than 184 million views and more than 11 million likes on Youtube.


Besides, not only holding the top 1 trending in Vietnam or Indonesia, BLACKPINK is also holding the “throne” in other countries such as Korea or the US. This is the achievement that BLACKPINK does not seem to have a rival in this blockbuster comeback this time.

Also recently, BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel officially reached 40 million registered. This is also the first Kpop group to achieve this admirable achievement. Accordingly, after only 5 days, the “How You Like That” MV helped BLACKPINK to increase to 2.4 million subscriptions and increase from 37.6 million to 40 million subscriptions in a short time. With this achievement, BLACKPINK still owns the “crown” in the title of Kpop group with the most subscribers in Kpop. In particular, in addition to having 40 million subscribers, BLACKPINK is also the second female artist to have the second worldwide enrollment and specifically after singer Ariana Grande.


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