In the future, eBay wants to sell NFT as well as accept payments with cryptocurrency.

eBay shared that they are open to the possibility of accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment in the future and are looking for ways to obtain NFT on its platform. More and more companies are starting to accept virtual currencies as a form of payment.

In this sense, an asset class that was excluded by major financial institutions a few years ago is one step closer to becoming mainstream. For example, Tesla accepted Bitcoin as payment for its electric cars, while payment giant PayPal started allowing customers to make transactions using their online wallets last year.

“We are always looking at the most relevant payment methods and we will continue to evaluate this in the future,” eBay told Reuters. We don’t have an immediate plan, but cryptocurrency is something we take into consideration, ”he says. In fact, CEO Jamie Iannone says in an interview with CNBC that accepting virtual currency is an option the company is looking for.

Last week, eBay’s second quarter profit forecast was weak and disappointing its investors, it is also looking for ways to enter the NFT area. NFTs, which exist on a blockchain and are a kind of digital asset, have gained popularity this year as musicians like NFT artwork sold for millions of dollars and rock band Kings of Leon used NFT for their latest album. Iannone adds that they are exploring opportunities on how to easily enable NFTs on eBay.

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