While charging does not end with 6.000mAh batteries, now the durable smartphone Doogee S86 with a capacity of 8.500mAh is on the market.


We have talked about many different smartphone models until today. We examined the phones with huge screens and batteries in detail and continued to share our news with you. We have done a lot of news before, but none of them excited us as much as this news. The smartphone, which we were curious as soon as we heard the name of the phone and said wow when we learned the details, is on the market. Announced as a durable smartphone, the Doogee S86 seems to be talked about with its battery and screen size. It will also attract admiration with the phone design that will make you forget the location of the socket.

As we are in the first quarter of 2021, while developments regarding foldable smartphones are continuing, the new phone models that are on the market are selling like crazy. While the competition in the smartphone market is getting hotter day by day, they continue to host features that make the phones on the market no longer exist. One of these phones is the Doogee S86.


Doogee S86 Can Be Used For 4 Days Without Charging

The durable smartphone model with a 6.1-inch screen will offer a very fast experience to its users with 6GB of RAM. The model, which has been launched in a very stylish structure with its quad rear camera design, will almost crack the enemy with its solid structure. The phone, which can operate without charging for 4 days with its 8.500mAh battery, has IP68 and IP69K certificates. In other words, the phone has an ultra-resistant structure against water and dust. The model, which also has a Gorilla Glass HD protector against breaks and impacts on its screen, also presents a solid armor with its unique design. Considering the extreme weather conditions, the device will be the perfect week for adventure lovers. The model, which can be used with a 24W Type-C charger, can be used for 4 days in normal use and 27 days in standby mode.

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The phone, which was launched with the Helio P60 core processor, has a quad rear camera system with a 16MP primary camera. The phone, which offers an 8MP camera for selfies, will be available on AliExpress on March 29. It is stated that the device will be in the range of 100 to 200 dollars.

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