Core i9-11900 with 8 cores and 65W TDP exhibited very low values ​​due to being an engineering example.We mentioned that Intel’s 11th generation Rocket Lake-S desktop processors could be introduced at CES 2021.

As shared by HXL, a user who managed to obtain an engineering sample of the Core i9-11900 in China put the processor in the CPU-Z benchmark test.

The single core score of this unlocked model was 582. In multi-threaded tests, it scored 5262 points. If we look at the closest scores in the CPU-Z database, the Core i7-10700K stands out. This CPU scores 568 on a single core and 5625 on a multi-core.

Although the results of the new generation Rocket Lake chip seem very low, we mentioned that it is an example of engineering. For this reason, it is likely to work at much lower frequencies. When we look at the screenshots, it is seen that it can reach turbo frequencies such as 4.4 GHz in a single core. In summary, we can easily say that this Core i9 model will reach much higher clock speeds.

We mentioned that the Core i9 series can carry a maximum of 8 cores. Behind this are Cypress Cove cores, architectural changes and IPC performance. However, it will be interesting to decrease the number of seeds from 10 to 8. On the other hand, we will be able to see how multi-core performance will be affected with detailed tests.


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